Prints & Information: ChromaLuxe Dye Sublimation Prints

   Chromaluxe is a thin sheet of aluminum containing a very fine multiple layer polymer finish made of a specialized, formulated coating giving it the foundation for a visually unique and highly durable fine art print. The process used to create these stunning prints is called sublimation, where the ink is actually infused directly into the specially coated aluminum sheets. Images created this way are vibrant and colorful. The prints are light in weight and very easy to handle. Chromaluxe prints are unparalleled in durability among fine art prints because they are scratch, fade, water and flame resistant. To clean chromaluxe prints you need nothing more than simple glass cleaner giving you peace of mind in durability and ease. These prints typically come with a recessed frame allowing the print to float off the wall for a modern finish. If an external frame is your heart’s desire you can contact me and I will get a custom quote to you.