Prints & Information: Fuji Flex Standard Acrylic Face Mounted Prints

   I offer a reduced cost acrylic option for those looking for the same vibrant, 3-D effect that a Lumachrome print has to offer. This type of print is crafted using Fuji Flex silver-halide archival paper on which the image is developed using Océ LightJet that uses technology originally designed by NASA. It is widely recognized to have the best detail and image quality in the industry for this type of print. I can personally attest to this because I have some hanging on my wall. The image is then face mounted to 1/8", UV-resistant acrylic, before being back-mounted with a Sintra backer - still giving you enhanced depth and appearance. With these prints, premium TruLife Acrylic is not used, instead a standard, but still high quality UV-resistant acrylic is used. A composite frame also replaces the wood frame used in a TruLife Acrylic mounting. Standard acrylic is not anti-glare or scratch resistant, requiring more careful handling. You get the same image quality, but it has a significant cost reduction due to support materials used.

* Free shipping for all U.S. orders! Please contact me for international shipping fees. Please allow 3-4 weeks for production and delivery.